About Us

Peekaboo Moments is a smartphone application designed to help you create a lifetime of photo memories stored securely and accessible by phone or via their own personal website. It takes only a few minutes to get started.
Peekaboo Moments was founded by Jason Liu, Acen Qiu & Cai Li in July 2012.

Our values

Baby Focus

All features and functions are designed with a child focus. We provide an exclusive place to preserve and share your baby's most treasured moments every day recording their growth, words, dreams and more.

Easy to Update

Photos can be uploaded and diaries created directly from your smartphone. Your baby's personal website will be automatically updated when you chose to view online. All photos and diary entries that you upload to Peekaboo Moments are automatically arranged in chronological order to save you time. Once you have entered your baby's date of birth, Peekaboo Moments calculates and categorizes her/his for every entry.

Parents Collaboration

Parents, and all other authorized family members, can update Peekaboo Moments together. All of your baby's moments will appear in one place regardless of who submitted them. This makes sharing and recording memories easier and more complete.

Private & Secure

You have full control of those who have access to your baby's Peekaboo Moments. Via Security queations and answers you may grant access to your baby's unique Peekaboo Moments site. This simple step protects your family's privacy by keeping uninvited people from viewing your memories. Additionally our multilayered backup security is available both for your peace of mind and for you in case of accidental user error.

Welcome to Peekaboo Moments!

We're so glad to help you store and share your most precious memories!